Friday, October 5, 2007

Launch of the Wheatley '66 Exchange Blog

Members of Wheatley '66, you can now share thoughts here, on the Wheatley '66 Exchange blog, created this October 2007.

Perhaps a question to start things rolling:

In your current life, are you anywhere near where you guessed you were going to be -- when you were guessing back in the early-to-mid 1960s?

Not this blogger, I can tell you.

Intoxicated on episodes of TV's Dr. Kildare, and hearing an internalized continuous-loop recording of the stirring theme from Ben Casey, I thought for sure I'd end up a doctor. Nope. I teach database research and keep climbing ever-steepening software and interface learning curves in an attempt to keep current enough to stay employed, hopefully for another ten years. Then, I want to entrepreneurize a home-based/Web-based business into existence.

Gotta keep my hand in. My mind active.